Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day ... Fuck it , its been a month ...100 - About as Helpful as you can be... By Dan Mangan

Alright So it has been a while since last post there are reasons but non of which are as good as this song. I might start writing daily again .. maybe.  Dan Mangan is potentially my favorite musician of all time, which is a thunderous statement considering I have out-grown many bands that have stole and dealt with my obsession. What's weird is that I expected to dislike him after his recent release Old Fortune. The sneak-a-peak tracks weren't well recorded or well played (Album Versions Do Justice) and his previous work would be tough to top.

Nice, Nice, Very Nice was well... the later, Very Nice, and that is an understatement. It was an exceptional album, understandably it was short listed for the Polaris prize in 2010 and as a result or as coincidence, a vessel to national stardom. So how could he top this? Well in my opinion to do exactly what he did with Old Fortune, continue to make music that is safe enough to be timeless but fill it full of sounds and ranges in dynamics that allow it to be modern and even post modern. You listen, and enjoy the imperfections, the cracking of his voice, the abrupt percussive instruments and the rough lead guitar fills embodying the space between lingering notes and in this songs case a full symphony. 

Oh Fortune was released in a timely manner, one in which many artists in the same position chose to sell out , to stop touring with Fred Penner, stop playing church shows and stop playing free street shows. Dan Mangan never did any of these things instead released a, not overly produced, Solid gold Album.   

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