Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 12 - Young Glass by Hey Rosetta!

So Saturday night I head down to a small city in PEI named Summerside, where Hey Rosetta!, who is one of my favorite bands ever, just happened to be playing. I meet up with a friend and we decide before the concert we are going to fill the trunk of my Taurus up with beer, park it in a centralized location, and drink cheaply. As we put the last of the beer in our makeshift, cardboard-box-grocery-bag cooler, I begin to close the trunk door. As the door begins its downward motion, a beam of sunlight catches my eye reflected off of my keys.. from inside the trunk. The door slams shut.Shit. I call roadside assistance.

In the estimated 20 - 30 minutes it took for the tow truck to get to the car we sat in a neighboring lawn and assessed the scenery and situation. A parking lot full of rental cars, a van from California and a softball team casually drinking happily in lawn chairs on the other side of the parking lot, who now were still unaware of our situation, but without a doubt, would laugh at me when the flatbed tow truck maneuvered its way towards my aging and dented car in the crowded parking lot. Whatever I thought, it was sunny as shit and beer was only 10 feet and an estimated 10-20 minutes away. I called roadside assistance and asked them how much longer they would be; ten minutes.

30 minutes later the truck showed up, and sure as shit the softball team began to laugh. Whatever softball is a stupid sport and they know it. The driver began to pry the door open, and attempted  unlocking it with a strange assortment of tools, probably native island torture devices.  The softball team is still laughing. I hate looking silly. The owners of the van from California approached. A very attractive woman caring a fiddle case, who smiles, and four men caring guitars, who look at me like I am an idiot. It is Hey Rosetta!. And hey, I am an idiot.

" When do you play?" I said defensively
" Uhhh... 930 ish" Tim Baker replies, a little taken back by my total lack of Island hospitality.
" Good "  I  pretty much yell and get in my car and drive away.

I don't handle embarrassment well.

The show was under-crowded and over-amazing. I'm not sure if this is reparation, as anyone who reads this probably already knows who Hey Rosetta! is and without a doubt loves them, but I still feel bad about it.

Sounds Like : You decide

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